Monday June 20, 2005


Woodlawn Fire Department


Reading of minutes –

Read & approved

Candidates for membership

Justin Tice

James Kish

Motioned and seconded, unanimous


Note made that 18 yr olds are now senior members

Advised to still remember to pay your membership at club, no longer done by fire co


New Junior regulations approved at chief’s meeting, will have all 3 departments using same rules

Junior can not be present at station without a senior member present ( unless at an alarm where he is first to arrive.

Roll Call – Officers all present except 03 who came later


Reports of officers


02 Rec/Ret

will report later


03 Safety/FP (later) - Safety/FP training – Rich Tice – Noted hot humid, stay hydrated.

Stay illuminated/stay out of traffic


Dave – other night at Trailer spill, lots of intoxicated people on road, keep aware, be aware of day of week , time of day.


04 Training

next fire-1 will be announced soon (needs instructor, probably Jr.) Class will be Saturdays. Structural burn at whitehall, a few Woodlawn members present,

request training, or alternate training

With Tom & Vance we are above 50%, and eligible for bronze sticker, now in state program. Will apply for it. Then shoot for 75%. This helps for getting grants.

Discussion of NIMS ( Incident Management) need for grant eligibility. Jr will work with it, and report back.

Switched some training due to weather conditions last month, will reschedule, next week is pumping and driver training. Need drivers. Russ, Todd and Chris Cole attended foam class last weekend, learned a lot, will try out some new foam that serves as A & B foam. Taught by guy who came from TX, was here for Mobil fire. Course will be offered again later. Mobil bought lots of new equipment ( stationed in Tri-Clover Foam Bank). A =.25%, b = 3%, 25 year shelf life


05 Trucks/ Driver training – hose testing and pump testing thhis week, requisitioned new tires for 12 & alignment, inspections on 12, 21 Aug & Sept. Westy has been helping out on 92 for Splain, Has a truck captain FOB now. Tomorrow KME prebuild meeting. We will swap screen and camera off 51 before we dispose of it. Front lights on 12, they have been going off, cost $18, but supplier is out. Provider suggests LED w/10 year warranty for $78. Also found brake and tail light, also in LED, brake $37, Turn is $40 for back of $12. Motion by 02, seconded to purchase, unamimous.



06 Engine house – Rick – Ron Isaac Electric fixed traffic light controller, fixed red strobe, Fixed front door switch timer. Chric Mariner got bottled water, we are holding for 3 and 11. Specialist door OOS, Chief’s door had gone bad. Holding payments until cause of failures is discovered. Requests for upgrade candy machine will be made in future. When gear grids arrive Rick needs help to mount ( in a few weeks). Can trailer $760.50 total.



07 Quartermaster – Will Shlier – wash gear if you were at drill or car fire. Will order gloves and pager cases, and flashlights. Chief wants to upgrade two scotts this year. We got recall on scotts, some of ours were part of the recall (face plate ). If you are wearing a scott and the last LED keeps flashing after air bled down, that means a defect, must be returned for repair.


Getting a scott board to keep track of cylinder dates in repair room. Parts list for air brakes systems begun.


Officer’s headset on 21/12 swapped to judge problem. Will be sent for repair.


Specialists – Doug thanked those who covered for him while he was in TX for a month.

Chris – No word on grant’s. Having difficulty putting arrows onto hose over coupling.

Ray – nno report

Justin -


FP – 09 & 10 – John Keller joined , will get a class ASAP


Recording secretary



Comm reports

Banquet - OK

Picnic – Sept 17 Wehr damn park noon-5 Goosey Gander catered

Holiday Party - yes

Fp & Open House – Talked with Kelley over weekend, Kratzer School will not work, High School Possible.

Incentive - nothin

Parades – on the board


Communications & Correspondence Sat July 23 rd Fire fighter tribute week Reading Phillies, FOP Pic Sat Aug 20 $10, Wehr’s damn, July 11 Dorney Day,


SOP & Bylaws were distributed this week to mail boxes


Finances –

Checking – 6762.98

Mm 89503.75


Petty cash 133.12

Knox Box 100\233.12


$91499.85 total


ahead of last years fund drive, waiting for stamps to deposit (new accounts because of split with social club



Old Business – still working on siding, getting estimates,

New Business – John Franz complimented on the fast stop that allowed finding a cause


Calls – car fire today – ACID SPILL AT CAR FIRE, battery melted. Ray discovered more fire than he expected, also.

Call volume running about 15% ahead, about 218, now


New Toys – Will, getting a new holmatro rescue tools coming wit a free 3 hr certification class. Spreader and cutter. Combi tools. Ok for non-vrt’s at car fires.


12, Todd, 12 will be reorganized, back compartment will be used to house combi tools. New boxes made for hose, and irons to be stored.


Search – news paper article – new rescue tool, decellertion rescue device for window exits, suggested that we might get some. Wil will look into it, Barry will forward hei newspaper. Training committee will be approached for a pool cleansing again, mid-august, pump for eight hours last year. Suggest putting big drill together with all surrounding companies to move more water quicker.


Recruitment/reatinment – 02 -Last meeting Barry talked with us and had a good response from a lot of folks. Thanks everyone.


Safety/FP training – Rich Tice – Noted hot Humid, stay hydrated.


Meeting adjourned 8:45


Richard Nepon. Rec Sec.