Woodlawn Fire Department

Meeting Minutes April-17,-2006


Meeting called to order at 7:16 pm by Chief/President Rusty Held.

Meeting Minutes of March 20 th were read and approved as read.

Candidates for Membership – New candidate (from Muhlenburg College) that applied two months ago hasn’t been heard from since.

Roll Call of Officers: All Officers except Secretary Nepon were present; Secretary Nepon accounted for – floating on a ship.

Reports of Officers:

02 (Search) No Report.

03 (Tice) Safety Discussion about burning chemicals, even outdoors, are hazardous specifically Hydrogen‑Cyanide – commonly found in plastics. Also noted that canine controlling/restraining devices (leashes) should be taught and not allowed to wrap around a persons legs. Falls are painful.

04 (Junior) Training Discussions centered on being punctual for training, especially for off-site training. The several training sessions were reviewed. From FF Kish was a reference to the CPR classes. The CPR Certification cards are available and will be distributed shortly. If not already done, please be sure a copy of the card is made available for training files.

05 (Cope) Truck Maintenance report for fleet is 3212s air line is installed and in service. 3221s new tires are installed and new rims and radial tires and shocks for the steering axle are awaiting bids and order. 3291 inspection tour at KME is scheduled for the morning of Saturday April 22.

06 (Kehnel) Reported on the KD Construction project. The new Rip’n’Run™ Printer will be installed at the front bay door of 3212. Replaced the slop sink and faucet in the engine house next to the laundry washer due to existing one being too sloppy. Edge guards were installed on walls of the classroom-to-engine house hallway due to missing molding unrepairable. Requested a (full) can trailer dump. Remitted snack & soda machine money to Treasurer. Will conduct an inventory of tools upstairs. Per 3201, be mindful of the housekeeping in the kitchenette area and classroom. Please clean up after yourselves. The epoxy painting of the engine house floor was referred to the township.

07 (Schlier) Discussion was on the Minitor pagers, relocation of antennas and WFD signage at the front of the station.

08 (DeLong) New cylinders and packs are in and deployed where needed. Some cylinders are still out at vendors. Batteries for PASS Alarms are on order.

Specialists: (Chris Mariner) FEMA Grant submitted along with support letters. Unknown what “They” are looking for this year. (Todd) Discussion on replacing the gas powered fan on 3212 with an Electric fan and generator to make space in a cabinet for more tools. (Decler) No Report.

Fire Police – No Report

Banquet Committee: Small discussion about the last Banquet.

Holiday Party Committee: Set for December 9, 2006 – Location TBA

Fire Prevention & Open House: Set for October 14, 2006, location TBA

Incentive Committee: None

Parades: Saturday for the PSD Swim Team; others listed on board in classroom.

Communications & Correspondence: Two Thank-You notes; Haines and Rusty’s mother.

Finances: Treasurer’s Report read and accepted. Discussion on loans followed.
A motion was made by Rusty Held and seconded by Chris Mariner to borrow $30,000 from Commerce Bank to fund outfitting of the 2006 Chevrolet Suburban for the new Fire Chief’s car. The motion was passed unanimously.

Old Business: Volunteers needed to empty the can trailer.

New Business: By Law Changes were read and a motion to accept was made by Rusty Held and seconded by Chris Mariner. The motion was passed unanimously.

Calls: Discussed the several oil spills.

New Toys: None this month.

Round-Table: As a voluntary community effort, we’re curtailing washing personal cars at the fire station.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 pm.

<s> Mike Hartman for Gabby.

Treasurers Report: Solvent as reported by treasurer



Woodlawn Fire Department

By-Laws Ammendment

First Reading April-17,-2006



Section 5.16


The Fire Chef and Treasurer or Ranking Board Member shall have the authority, with approval of the Board, to obtain loans for the Organization.