November 20, 2006


Woodlawn Fire Department


Meeting called to order @ 7:30 By 01


Reading of Minutes

Candidates for membership

Roll Call of Officers

Specialists: Ray Decker, Chris Mariner, Todd Fahringer,


01 Rusty

02 Barry

03 Rich

04 Junior

05 Dave

06 Rick

07 Will




Reports of OFFICERS

Recruitment/Retainment & New Members 32-02


Safety/Saftey training & Fire police 32-0Talked about ffs killed while responding

Talked about wearing protective gear and washing yourself well after a fire incident to remmove the toxics

Fire police had a good meeting


Fire & Rescue Training 32-04

Passed around tentative schedule, forceable entry mentioned led here at 32

New schedule for state academy, Bucks are out

LCCC on board and their website

Truck Maintenance / Driver Training 32-05

Tanker failed state inspection

Exhaust Brake needs work, parts ordered, Fuel tank needs welding

Air Horn on 32-12 needs work

92 to Kelly for Warranty

91 on Monday for KME for warranty


Grounds & Engine House 32-06

Looks good a few new things, Car stops in bay when backing in, Christmas lights up out front.


Quartermaster ( Gear Radio & Related Equipment) 32-07

Car stops, thannnks to kish and cole, and Mariners drill

Gear fitting Dec 5, requisitioned video tapes to film calls, set up on calls, Fire police, flashlights going dead and nnow will mount charger for them on 91, mt2000 batteries will be in 91 in charger and file drawer

Pre-plan may be revived and put in 91, ned help Sunday to prepare 91 to leave, all day buuut Morning best.


Air Packs & Related Equipment-32-08

Given by Todd Fahringer

Reminders make sure you have a full cylinder, and extend straps when putting a pack back


Specialists Chris Grant turned down for this year. Expect harder t gett, Other grant being processed.

MAP books done by Ray almost. Just needs typing.


Fire Police Jim from 26 is now running with us, but hasnt yet a radio, nnow have 5 Fire Police. Hell be 32G


Reports of Committees

Banquet Committee Its on March 24 2007

Holiday Party Dec 17, sign up sheet on board in front

Fire Prevention & Open House no news, but will meet soon to clarify what we can do better

Incentive Committee -



Communications and Correspondence: Brochhure from Sunoco Logistics, Thannks for Fullerton for Banquet standby, Dorney park for parade participation, Hannah Reed Fund raiser thank you received.


Finances Still Solvent


Old Business

Nominating Committee annual meeting of members to be held Dec 18, 7:15 PM. Prior to regular meeting.


New Business GIS for HAZUS, letter from Plaza Lane has a fire code violation result of fire call.

Aproval requested for FFs to wear Blue FF duty shirts with Rank. Discussion ensued.

Motion made to allow purchase of Dk Blue Work Shirts with a Woodlawn patch, to be purchased by the Individual . not to be worn in place of dress uniform, Passed 12-8 .

Hazus discussed

Fire Police Patch discussed. Using FF patch, or fire police patch.

Response Status Board updated to reflect new Units and change of units (51-91)

Motion made to purchase a new computer for the Secretary. Jeremy as Chair of committee to recommend. No action taken.

Calls fatal accient sat night ridgeview and 309, pick up fire 15th & 22 with a brush fire. Take brush fire out first.


New Toys

Will will order vest for the rest of the trucks. Wear when on the road.


Nominations: Rusty nominated for chief/President, Nepon for Secretary, Mike Hartman for treasurer on second month. Motion to close, made and seconded, and all positions filled by acclimation.


Barry mentioned the passing of his Dad, a fire policeman with Woodlawn for many years.


Adjourned at 9:00 PMh