Woodlawn Fire Department

December 19, 2005


Called to Order after Dinner 7:24

Minutes read and approved

Membership: Wade Greenawald

Approved as a probationary member: voted

Roll call Line Officers:Rusty, Rich, Barry, Jr, Dave, Ricky, Will, Fire Police:9, 10,Specialists:Delong, Mariner, Decker

Safety- Rich:passed out literature on 2004 fire fighterdeaths, spoke of always stopping on the same side of the road as the accident so as not to be crossing the road to get to scene, and back to get tools. Also reminded to get extra clothes to change into kept at the fire house.

Reminder about black ice, and need for caution responding to , from and with fire equipment

Training: schedule passed around by Jr., we get first crack at county for our classes.

Kish will be doing some EMS training. Jan 14 FF1 starts again. Jan 15 ff2 starts. AF academy is in Feb during the day. Jeremy completed FF1, Ricky And Jay completed FF2. Jan 2 is a holiday

Cope: 51 heater core blew up, rep[laced. Circuit breaker in rear replaced. Foam system on 12 replaced, 21 –knox box fixed,a nd cell phone outlets installed. All nextels are in the trucks. Will be programmed tomorrow.

Lite stick out on 51

Speedometer on 21 out

High rise packs redone on 12, 21. have easy exits, TFT nozzles. All 1 ¾ are done

Ricky: Building siding project on the way to done , Kunsman doing it.

Spouting & Gutters will also be replaced. Think about getting sign out front, because now letters no longer on building. Justin suggested above chief’s window. Dick suggested letter window.

Final spec room & Computer room estimate.. Mike Schier, without floor $ 9,245, $10,785 with floor

JCF $10,000, KD works $7,325 with flooring None include electric.

Salt bin filled, notify Rick if empty. Work on oil furnace will be done after the new year

Will be going through everyone’s gear.will be taken out of service it will only be for a short time.

Mark batteries if you swap out on the pass alarm. Discussion about pass alarms set to stay on, not what we wanted.

Note to circulate water on call. We have shaded sun glass safety, also to go over glasses.

Specialists, Chris: Springhouse middle school. New propane tank installed for construction, 1000 gallons, 8 100 # cylinders also on site, and fuel tanks also on site, 300-550 gallons. Trailers on site also.

Ray, Justin no report, 9, 10 no report.

Committee Banquet, planned

Holiday over Dec 18 next year, summer time picnic may be cancelled, motion passed to cancel and cater the party at Russ’

Holiday party, chris did a great job, thanks to the club, and greenawalds for covering for us.

See Chief if you were not there

FP open house


Communications and correspondence Asbury United Methodist wome for tables thanks,

Children’s Xmas party thanks from club

Calls, up to 86179$, no major income or expense this month projected. Fund drive letters going out before end of year. Close to $50,000, down because of Katrina we suspect.

Old business: vote for third readingTo delete Sec ( of SOP, about a professional firefighter holding a rank higher than Assistant chief)

# motion defeated , yes 9, no 19

Ballots were handed out and counted by Mike Hartman.

Old busibness : Will from 1999, we are still pursuing the matter.

New business: dates to see chassis, Jan 12, 13 Chiefs going out.

Calls: 474 total to date. Girard call, garage fire, ( small issue with deck gun pin ) small problems with foam line. Laid to hydrant and hand lines worked well. Discussion of safety of fire marshall doing interior investigation in weakened structure.

Hampton Road Chimney fire. Came in as odor investigation. Was actually a fire along side the fireplace.

26 call on Saturday – tanker assist, ran 3 shuttles. Supplied firefighters. Traffic kept moving.. Good move to put out cones.

Rescue on 309 today, door pop, extended.

New Toys: Chris Mariner. All pass alerts issued, no reserve. Station 26 will be getting more Rusty will discuss at chief’s meeting.

08 will be a new lieutenant, will have help on Scotts from Todd, All other officers are the same.

We have no Balls, reports our entrepid electrician, on our tree, that is

2006 trk capts: todd 12, cole 21, westy 92, kish 51, mariner 91 Mariner Kish And John Carl will do new 91,

Fire police, no changes

Will: asked how many specialists will be allow. As many as apply.

Adjourned at 9:15 PM