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Sandy's draft



Sandy & Dick cruising

Para-Rabbi Dick


Talbot Lago Figoni et Falashi

Bar-on HD

red army


force of nature

early airstream



fire & light


Austin America

English Phone Booth


photo by Ari Nepon, October 2002



For more information please FAX 610.770.0770


For more information please FAX 610.770.0770

For more information please FAX 610.770.0770

Bermuda Trip, April 24, 2005



"A school should not brag about how hard it is to get in,

but how hard it is to get out."
Roger C. Schank

Roger Schank, is the Chairman and Chief Technology Officer for Cognitive Arts and has been the Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University since its founding in 1989. He holds three faculty appointments at Northwestern University as John Evans Professor of Computer Science, Education, and Psychology

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