1995 Dodge Neon Sport 4 door 5 speed, dual air-bags,under 90,000 miles,

1 OWNER*, non-smoker. 

This car moves out!  It has been a blast to drive and own.

*This was originally purchased by my business for me to drive in 1995 as a dealer demo w/9,000 miles on it, then transferred to me in 2001.



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1995 NEON SPORT SEDAN, SOHC, 5 Speed, abs, 4-wheel disc, 14" alloys, touring suspension, tilt steering,tachometer, premium cloth bucket seats,60/40 rear seat, premium sound insulation,power rack & pinion, power mirrors, hood power bulge, dual air bags 18:1 steering, F&R anti-sway bars, rear defogger, CD, A/C, Cruise Control

Just inspected until July 2006, new oil & filter, recent brakes F&R, 4 tires, A/C charged for summer.  This car does leak a little oil, but goes through only a quart between 3,000 mile changes. Has had A/C compressor, condenser, and evap replaced, three years ago, converted to new type freon. New clutch (not modular) about 7 years ago.  It was a defect, not a wear problem.  This car was manufactured in 11/94. ebay VIN search shows it a competition package.  It sure is a fun car. Power locks, steering, brakes, ABS, Alloys (road rash),CD/AM/FM, could use a speaker replaced somewhere.  Interior fine, has velcro on dash for EZ-Pass (not included). Cruise Control stopped working about 6 years ago. New O2 sensor a year ago for inspection, as the check engine light was on. Never ran badly, but needed to pass inspection in PA. I have the original trim piece from the front grille, removed for aesthetic reasons.


The body has seen its share of bad parkers and old age neighbors.  There are an amazing amount of scratches and dings, but from 10 feet the car looks perfect. One driving light in front bumper does not work, it flooded the bulb. The front bumper is flaking the paint on the driver's side, and the metal trim above the windows on the doors is shedding its black paint, but it is the same color underneath.  I took lots of photos. go to http://www.nepon.us/NEON


The emissions is exempt in PA because of age


This car has no rust, needs nothing at present, though I believe the clutch needs adjustment or replacement soon. It slips at times when starting out, yet not going up hills or accelerating. This was an early neon, that did not have a modular clutch as the 96-99 Neons do.

Contact seller @ 610.462.6477 to arrange to see car, or drive it.

Low entry price makes this a good deal for tuners/racers

Seller must deposit $200 within 24 hours of close of sale, paypal, cash, or money order. Car title will be delivered with cash received at closing. I will not take checks or money orders for the balance. Buyer is responsible for all fees to transfer title in Pennsylvania. No plates will be loaned for transport. I will deliver the car within 50 mile radius of Allentown, PA for $2/mile, paid up front, by driving it there. I will make no other arrangements for delivery. Car must be picked up within a week of sale, or arrangements made to store it, as I will remove the plates for my new car, and the city will begin to ticket the car after 48 hours in one spot, or with no license plate attached it will be towed away and city garage towing & storage fees will apply. This is a contract to purchase, not to evaluate, or hold for inspection. If you win, you have bought a nice Neon. Good luck bidding.