Woodlawn Fire Department

December 18, 2006


Called to order @ 7:40 after a trip to a funeral for Jim Kelly , past emergency manager for SWT.


Minutes read:  correction approved: to buy computer.

Candidates for membership – none


03- fire police matters- came up with a form for fire police to fill out , long calls, multiple hours


13 ff killed in last 30 days, as recounted by 03, heart attack, accidents, and service related


01,02,03, 05,06,07 present ,04 out (work)

fire police all present

Specialists: Mariner present, Fahringer had been here but was called out for work (later returned)


Discussion of U-turns, (not recommended),  FF through the floor incident in Fountain Hill.


Fire & Rescue, Dec 25, Jan 1, off , 8th: bomb squad awareness

22:fire behavior, 29: team building, , March TBA


Cope: truck maintenance, Driver training, Tanker repaired, fuel tank dropped and welded, exhaust brake fixed,  incident with cascade, oil for compressor sight glass, thought it was empty, filled to overfill. Fluid level should be half way. Recommended: not filling if unsure.

Oil is yellow color.  Record keeping for vehicles forms made


warranty work performed on Cascade. Record keeping has been poor.  Need to establish regular maintenance. New Forms designed with bottles on one side, maintenance on the other.  If filled at station, just put bottles on report. Put reports in Station.  A new form should be filled out for each call, and attached to fire report.


Ricky – house:  Can trailer $2,058.60 in 2006 so far.  Bought water and supplies.  Heater fixed by Todd/Oil Man.  Light switch repaired in Men’s room by Ron.  Contact Ricky


Will, Quartermaster.  Battery charger mounted before it left for warranty work. Oil Dry is in short supply.  4 FF’s measured for gear. Lime Green reflective vests purchased for on Highway use.  Coming in soon.    Radio on 12 sounded bad to Dave,  perhaps Officer didn’t yet have head set on.


Specialists, nothing to report.


Fire Police, nothing to report.


Banquet Committee- March 24,


Holiday part was had


Incentive committee




Communication and Correspondence – Search Family, Ruth & Barry: thanks, Club: for Elves and Santa, From Club for Holiday Party, and Stan, who donated his tips to kid’s party 2007, life-span daycare donation ( chosen for October).


Delaware River Shad Fisherman’s Assoc. looking for youth program donation.  Senior made a motion to donate, discussion followed, Suggestion: to buy for 20 kids, $250,  approved by membership. 


Finances –Mike Hartman – solvent


Old business -  3251: new use policy – distributed by Search for committee

Will be made into S.O.P. if approved.  Motion made to approve, seconded, and voted by membership unanimously.


Surveys – may happen next month


08 position will be kept open for a short time.


New business – Training reimbursement policy, passed out by Search. Discussion followed.  Will be brought up for discussion and vote next meeting

01 has a new laptop, GPS, hazmat database, will have hydrant location, routes, etc.

a tuffbook.


Todd – new business – suggests committee to upgrade uniforms, dress, with long sleeves, etc. Okayed by chief. Todd will chair.


Mike suggested that under new budget, buy combination lights with LED heads.  Replace old heads with new LEDs.

Alarms: garage fire with Sta 3, same time as Allentown’s explosion, 

Discussion of always responding to call assigned, not biggest fire.

Oil spill on Cedar Crest, smoke in a house 


New Toys – beanies handed out at party, and after, at station,

Adjourned 8:50 PM