read minutues, approved as corrected: 4 departments for junior regs (not 3)

no candidates for membership

Officers present except: no 03, 04, 08 or 10 present

Mike Hartman, not here, left a report withthe Secretary

02- has been a good month,

05- Cope – 3212 new tires installed 7-12, front end aligned. Hahn new 6V battery, new regulator installed, 3251 arrow stick half working, use sparingly.. leave off unless needed at scene. New shocks for compartment 1 on 3212, thanks to cole & fahringer and schlier & senior, on 3212

New trucks discussed

Lettering- on 21 came out nicely, suggested that we standardize the fleet similarly, to arrange same style of lettering for 12 & 92. Motion by cope, second by mariner..

Changes on new truck from visit for pre-construction. Delete Fire Com System. Some additions will be picked up by relief, some we must pick up. The last drawings will be reviewed and discussed by the committee. Motion made to give committee approval authority, by Search. Second Vance. Unanimous

06 Rick: grounds & engine house. Building up to standard. Noted we are to pick up after ourselves. Discussed lime green paint for lines. It is not sticking. Need different paint.

No car washing at station house.

07-Will Schlier- in touch with holmatro, we got pushed back to end of August.

Mariner no report

Ray decker, no report

Fire police: Charlie will be out of commission for a bit

Banquet still on

Picnic still on

Holiday party

Fire Prevention-open house will be at High School

Incentive: no report

Parades – on board at rear of meeting room

Communications and correspondence – passed around, cat rescue = $75 donation

Terrorist bomb training available.

Club picnic is free to FF’s and families, August 7.

$1000 check from Dorney Park

Treasurer’s report as read by secretary- passed

Old Business: Juniors make sure you get signed papers back to Chief for new regs

Gear racks still not measured or ordered

Summer is here again, Chief offered a picnic. We’ll pick a date before Labor Day.

Calls: Today was about the only big call, house fire at Dorney.. A cat rescue, Crew that was in initially did a super stop job.

Grab a cooler, water and ice when responding to structure fires in summer.

Meeting adjourned 8:07 PM