MARCH 20, 2006




All for new members – one application, but, new process, no longer done by SWTPD

Chief , Barry, Rich ( later), Jr at work, Dave, Rick, Will, Justin, Fire Police represented

Reports of officers

Cope, truck maint:

parts on order 32-21, shoreline for air systems 12 & 21 are ½ completed, need to be plumbed into air systems; qualification list is redone. Signs on truck 12 & 21 will be hard wired, because people are turning them off.


March 14 John Carl.received an A rating on 32-92


Rick, engine house –

KD will begin room for specialists in two weeks, inside room will have a 4” load bearing wall for support of the flooring, that will start first before framing begins on top floor. We will have 4 days notice to empty the stuff from top, and where 4” wall will go. A window will go into lower room. There will be a computer room that encompasses the specialist’s room, with one entry door.


$487.50 for cans, 2006 total income


Summertime, so weeding will start soon, sink broken will be repaired tonight.

Barry, recruitment

2 guys are interested in joining, next Tuesday we have a drill at 8 -11 AM at high school, haz-mat. Need help with drill. Scotts, but not air will be used.


Will : quartermaster –

new radio for new 32-01 is ordered. Will be installed.when delivered, Will try using identifier for packs, one given to demo for us. Will suggest for all companies. $15 each

Vests ordered for 51 for traffic control.

Suggested we buy straps for radios to protect radio front.

Discussion of radios dragging with straps followed, Globe vs Morning Star gear. discussed


Cascade going to Whitehall for burn 7:30 Am Sunday, need volunteers.


Justin : Air packs,–

mid atlantic checking on our damaged cylinder, and order placed. Need to order batteries (w/will), having a problem with batteries in Pass devices.


Be sure to write up scott problems and advise officer. Sign out/check in sheet is working well.


Highway safety certificates delivered and copy is in office

Next week, team building, April 3, TBA, Sunday 9 th-alt training at Mack So., pumping; Whitehall, oct 23 rd alt burn, leaving station at 9:30 ,and driver training, 10 th scott classroom, 17 th business meeting, 24 th scott practical at Whitehall. (Oct 23 rd next chance) fire 1 guys doing great, top of class AS USUAL. VRT at 11, begins April, see Justin, it will be posted.



Fire police-

Picnic at Rusty’s is in August.28 th.


Banquet April 1 @ Social Club @ 5:30


Fire prevention/open house, all meetings held till June. Chief suggests we do on our own.


Incentive committee


Parades on board


Memo from 26 – tomorrow evening late, will have small parade meet at Windsor drive about 11 PM. For girl’s basketball team.


Flea mkt at ag hall april 9


Lehigh county historical invites to visit historical center.


Finances - reported on by treasurer


Fund drive mailers have been approved and will be going out in mail.


Old business –


New business – discussion of complaint from other station regarding our drivers and supposed near accidents. Will be taken up at officer’s meeting.


Rich did come in to meeting- read report of accident in TX driving to station. Reminded to beb careful at all times.


Calls, Nacci Printing, lots of smoke, ran out of oxygen, haz-mat possibility later discounted, Mr Nacci impressed with our work. D-con area worked well. Lost 15 people manpower. Fogelsville and Whitehalll washed our gear.


Fuel oil spill Cedar Crest at Iron Bridge –took off transfer pump and moved what was left in wreck. Tried to suck dycked up liquid, but got rocks in machine. Most oil spilled before we arrived. Fortunatedly the guys working at last spill were there promptly and sucked up product. Had a hard time finding pigs ( in overpack ). Note to team: know your trucks well.


There were people walking around the scene. A friend of the driver was requesting a cleanup of pool on the other side of road. Was bad-mouthing the fire co.


HAz-mat is still a problem as opposed to fire call. We need to learn better how to deal with it. Long discussion followed.

Discussion of Stein Theory of Accountability.


Commerce bank, this saturday opening on Tilghman, 3-31 and 21 will go out.


April 8, fashion show at Crest Plaza, will have our boot out,


Easter age hunt for the club, training sessions, paint ball, philly soul bus trip, slo pitch softball team. all on board


New Toy. Mister fan, will be on new 91 demonstrated.


Oscillating deck gun coming soon, automatic, changeable tips.

New prosser pumps.

Epoxy floor coating possible.


Justin: guidelines received for Whitehall facility, have been in effect for two years., will be enforced. Our dept has not been a problem. Will be monitored, empowered to stop operations if dangerous operations. Long pants, long sleeve policy will be enforced.

Copies with Justin & Jr.


New Chief’s vehicle has been picked up. Will get prices on installing equipment. Will get TWP OK to keep old 01 as transport vehicle.


New truck’s box being built at KME, will be visited soon for inspection.