Sept 2005 7:18 Pm

Minutes read: approved unanimously

Appointment of members: none

Waitng for two junior’s apps to be returned.

Membership cards:

Roll Call:

Chief - factory tour of KME let chief know. It will be a Saturday, leave early.   Back after lunch. Key for tool box will be in know box.  

2 Barry -arrived 8:00pm – took a look at our list, some folks going to college will be put on reserve. Some folks have been terminated, as per regs. We have a new walk-in tonight.  

3 Rich – reminder about driver/safe driving.   Fire Police – we will make a concerted effort to let you know what we are doing.   Keep vehicles out of wind, away from wires.

4 Jr. – We got our 50% stickers for the state program re: training.   We have a certificate from the state on the wall. Old stickers missing from 32-92.   This helps with grants. Passed around fire academy list.   Qualifies as alternate training.   Ideas for next year brequested, training comm meeting date to be announced. Certificates for last Monday’s holmatro set.up, decke, cope kehnel hoffman mariner, schlier, is in rear compartment of 3212, is a 1 person tool.   (Justin) Oct 26   7-10 PM academy is doing a program – “Everyone goes home”.   Looking for people to attend, sign up sent around.   Needs applications sent in – see Justin.  

Articles going around about essentials going from 40 –80 hours.   Same book, but different skill book different curriculum. New power point some PA state specific.Terrorism and Hazmat added in.    We will try to get the   4   modules done in house throughout the year.  

Upcoming training next week pump and driver qualifications.   Water restictions lifted.   10/3 nims, 10 hazmat , 24 & 31 scott training.   Committee meeting is Nov 22 nd. Dec 7 th.

Blue lights and you, next week, 9-26 .  

5 Cope – Vehicles – driver training   tires approved and installed. Knox boxes installed, 92 the refrigerator installed with a new outlet. Shore line/generator. Swith plug when going on calls,and again when returned. 12 state inspected.   New truck pushed back to Jan. chassis .   tnaks for whoever has been washng them. Changes made on 12, compartments re-arranged.   No knox boxes in 91 or 51. new 51 will have.  

6 Will -   new straps handed out with hooks along with new gear to some.

7 Ricky – Thanks to all who helped put up grid work..If gear missing see Will.   Cost $10,105n in total

Home depot for all the paint $147.56 to redo after the old came off.   Need to spackle from wall by old gear   rack, still. ( cost us $39 net after donations and grants )

Can $294, $307 soda deposit,    still getting price on upstairs project, landing strip lights for engine bay, vinyl siding has been approved . Trip this week to get gatorade/water/soda.

Specialist Doug – if anything happens to a scott piece, report it immediately, do not return to service.  

Committee Reports:

Banquet progress still march 18

Picnic- was good, thanks Mike

Holiday Party- chris still the 17th

Fire Prevention / / OpenHouse – meeting next Tuesday Oct 8

Incentive Committee no progress

Parades rear bulletin board – whitehall parade Oct 23rd

Communications/Correspondence – got our tax exempt number on Saturday!, state tax number also, had our federal.   Working with Lawyer. Numbers posted in glass enclosure. Oct 25 th is Dorney halloween night, Oct 29 th Greenawalds halloween night quest fire police ( Saturday),   donation $500 from Lou Liebhaber.   Letter from Parkland thanks for pumping drill that emptied the pool. DCNR has a new district map, now all district 17, all lehigh county.

Note: that sneakers on electric wires denotes gang drug sales area. Be careful, and do not leave truck unattended.

Note: Club is selling ribbons to support the fire department.

Cope called up to give out certificates Kish, qulified on 3291, Vance on 3292,

Finances - $75, 682 total, budget requests have been requested, 3221 porta pond 2 prosser pumps 2 k-12, deck gum, mister fans, floor epoxy for house, 3291 pak track, fax copier,

Township relief budget goes into effect on Jan 1

Old Business – separation is done, new tax numbers going out.

New Business – Will- looking into getting probe for search rescue ops.

Suggestion to contribute toward LA fire-department. Will be discussed at achief’s meeting.

Calls -   we are ahead of last year.    Cat rescue – very confined space cat got into a cubby   hole and didn’t come back . never did find. Allentown was called in and brought a snake light.   Cut out a few access holes.   Occupant sent $300 donation.

Carrabas – chimney fire – actually vent from a brick oven puffing smoke.   Note made to insure second means of egress, do not drop down off arial ladder without a ladder established to escape.  

Rescue on Tilghman st- traffic stopped for construction-

Walbert Ave in front of twp building will be restricted for a while beginning today.  

New Toys- comi tool/holmatro – 311/32-12 both have rescue in rear compartment

Step chocks in back compartment

Doug – Oct 10 will be resigning, moving to Norfolk.   Spoke of “Family” that he leaves behind.

Adjourned 8:55